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Depending on the project day-to-day tasks may include:
• meeting with other professionals and clients at an early stage to agree on the project brief;
• understanding how the design aspects of a construction project influence and relate to performance and functional issues so that practical questions can be addressed at the outset;
• evaluating and advising on environmental, legal and regulatory issues;
• contributing to planning applications and other regulatory application procedures;
• assessing what surveys (e.g. land surveys) are required before work can commence and ensuring such surveys are undertaken and their results fed into the project;
• developing project briefs and working on these as the project progresses;
• preparing and presenting design proposals using computer-aided design (CAD) and traditional drawing methods;
• leading the detailed design process and coordinating design information;
• advising clients on procuring the best and most appropriate contracts for the work they are undertaking;
• liaising with appropriate authorities (e.g. planning enquiries and building inspectors) when producing documentation for statutory approval;
• producing, analysing and advising on detailed specifications for suitable materials or processes to be used;
• carrying out design-stage risk assessments;
• administering contracts and project certifications;
• managing the work of trainee technologists and contributing to the overall running of business;
• obtaining feedback from clients and people using the building and reporting on the performance of the contractors once the construction project is completed;
• appraising the performance of buildings which are in use and producing maintenance management information;
• evaluating and advising on refurbishment, re-use, recycling and deconstruction.
Architectural technologists’ work is not only restricted to new build but also includes refurbishment, alteration and other construction projects.


• Appraisal of project, developing of brief & accommodation schedule.

• Site investigation and Local Authority requirements.
• Survey drawings in conjunction incorporating Land Surveyor drawings.
• As-built drawings – Site & floor plans, elevations & sections.
• Sketch plan design.
• Preparation of building plans to be submitted to Local Authority for approval.
• Complete set of Tender & Construction drawings: Window & Door, Schedules,
Electrical outlet & lighting plans & detail design.
• Site supervision.